Probate fraud; Estate Planning;
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probate fraud, estate planning, wills, codicils, trusts, deeds Probate Fraud; Estate Planning: Probate has to do with documents surrounding a personís death. It involves the distribution of what the deceased has left behind, which might include income-producing businesses, cash from insurance policies, real property, bank accounts, and stock portfolios, as well as any valuable personal property, such as works of art or valuable collectibles.

Bogus wills, codicils, trusts, deeds, designations of beneficiaries and contracts seem to come out of the woodwork when people die. Such documents may be out-and-out forgeries, or they may have been altered or have missing and/or substituted pages. The motivation, of course, is that there are usually a lot of assets at stake when it comes to probating a will. Intriguing issues emerge in probate documents. New designations of beneficiaries may have been legitimately signed just prior to death, or they may have been forged. New bank accounts may have been established with new signature cards. Deeds and promissory notes may also be altered or forged.

Step-by-step guidlines for preventing probate fraud are detailed in this new book- Business Fraud, Know it and Prevent it!

After discussing probate fraud, as well as many other fraud schemes, each chapter ends with a checklist offering proactive steps which can be implemented immediately to protect and preserve the integrity of your estate, business and investments.


Probate Fraud & Estate Planning

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